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Nov 10, 2020

Matt and Scott are back to talk winners and losers and what happens now.

Nov 3, 2020

Eddie, Matt and Scott finish off the Every Election Ever and Beer series with their thoughts and predictions for Election Day 2020.

Oct 27, 2020

Eddie, Matt and Scott discuss all of the recent elections that most of us remember: Clinton's second term, Bush v. Gore, the Obama elections and the improbable election of President Trump.

Oct 20, 2020

Scott is back with Matt and Professor Eddie to discuss Bill Clinton's rise onto the national scene and the third party run of Ross Perot that helped to take down incumbent George Bush.

Oct 13, 2020

Scott is still out, but Matt and Professor Eddie get back together to discuss George H. W. Bush's win as the "third term" of Reagan over Michael Dukakis.